Visit by Don de Silva from Initiatives of Change

Skrevet av Kim Sivertsen .

On Monday the 4th of March,  Don de Silva from the UK-based organization Initiatives of Change visited the NCPD.

NCPD are having talks with de Silva regarding a possible cooperation on dialogue work in Somalia.

From http://www.uk.iofc.org:

Don de Silva is a well-known information technology specialist, environmentalist, journalist and author. A former official of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), he has pioneered and established numerous world initiatives on communication for sustainable development. (...)

Initiatives of Change (IofC) in the UK is committed to bridge-building within our own communities, and in our relations with the world. It is part of the worldwide network of IofC, and shares its ideas, aims and programmes.

Initiatives of Change worldwide is a diverse, global network committed to building trust across the world's divides. It comprises people of diverse cultures, nations, beliefs and backgrounds who are committed to transforming society through change in individuals and relationships, starting in their own lives.

It was first known as The Oxford Group, arising from its work among university students in the late 1920s. In 1938, as European nations re-armed military, its originator, Frank Buchman, called for ‘moral and spiritual rearmament’ as the way to build a ‘hate-free, fear-free, greed-free world’.