Transformative Dialogue Training Course this week

Skrevet av Kim Sivertsen .

Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue employees attending workshops together with other participants.



Transformative Dialogue is an approach to conflict intervention in settings of ethnic and political conflict that focuses on interaction rather than problem-solving. Its goal is to change the quality of conflict interactions between members of a community, supporting an increase in positive and/or pro-social interaction. It values party decision-making above intervener goals.

The training course at the NCPD is held by trainers Erik Cleven, Vesna Matovic and Judith A. Saul. 17 participants from all over the world are gathered here, and receiving training together with Ingunn Skurdal, Christiane Seehausen, Norunn Grande, Aida Zunic and Chro Borhan from NCPD.